Radio Discovery Tool

Unlock the Data in your Radio


Radio Discover Tool (RDT) now comes in several varieties.


RDT is an advanced tool for Icom radios to troubleshoot problems with radio communications and incident analysis based on information imported after the event from the SD card located in select Icom radios.


RDT LTE is a new product in the series that allows for real-time tracking of IP501H assets.

RDT Pro combines both of these capabilities and expands the number of radios the product can work with.



RDT is helpful tool in the following scenarios:

  • Determining actual coverage of systems 

  • Investigating interference issues

  • Determining locations of users during reception, transmission and at select intervals for troubleshooting analysis

  • Listening to quality of actual transmissions 

  • Listening to see if transmissions are being interfered with

  • Determining actual channel selected upon transmission or reception

  • Whether voice quality meets requirements (DAQ analysis)

  • Easy creation of custom channel announcements

How RDT Works
  • Icom’s F3400D, F5400D, F7010 & F7510 Series along with the R30 can store received and transmitted voice when provisioned with SD cards. Each voice recording also records the date, time, position, RSSI information and much more.

  • RDT and RDT Pro converts the metadata stored in each voice recording the radio performs and displays it in both a table and map format for analysis and review. RDT and RDT Pro also displays GPS

Why RDT Pro

RDT Pro is for:

  • Entities that need both real time positioning from the IP501H/M and the ability to analyize recorded data from select Icom radios with SD cards

  • Entities that need the functionality of RDT beyond our F3400/F5400 Series including the F7000/F7500 Series, R8600 and R30 receivers


RDT LTE is for:

  • Determining the location of IP501H/IP501M users

  • Looking at historical tracks of where the users have been

  • Determining speed

  • Unit status (from their status list)

  • Emergency status

How RDT LTE Works
  • Icom's IP501H and IP501M LTE-CONNECT radios are capable of broadcasting their position in intervals as small as 30 seconds (application depending).

  • This position is relayed through a VE-PG4 or fixed IP501M to RDT LTE

  • RDT LTE then displays their position and track on Google Earth 

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