RDT v2.1

RDT Works with Icom's F3400 and F5400 series products. These products can store voice and GPS information to their interal SD cards, along with assoicated meta-data. RDT reads this information and presents it in a useful way for further analysis. The product is meant for "after the fact" analysis and provides no real time information at this time.


What’s Needed:

  • Icom F3400 or F5400
  • SD card installed into the radios
  • Google Earth Pro installed into your computer
  • Purchase RDT to install into your computer


RDT is designed to run on a Windows PC running Windows 7 or Windows 10. For proper viewing of .kml files, Google Earth Pro must also be installed on your computer. It is assumed that the user also has knowledge of how to generally operate Google Earth Pro.


RDT requires that the Icom radio have an SD card installed with log files activated. The railroad version requires RR 2.7G for all functionality.


Site licenses available. Please email RDTSales@IcomAmerica.com for more information.

RDT v2.1

  • Feature Detail for RDT

    Convert Voice Logs to KML File Readable by Google Earth and Others

    • Converts multiple files at one time to see an entire track for the file’s time period.

    • Plays audio and view call statistics from RDT GUI

    • Plays audio from Google Earth based on a location place mark that corresponds to the Voice Log.

    • Shows the statistics of a call on Google Earth.

    • All calls show tuned zone/channel (F3400D/F5400D series only), frequency, and mode

    • RX data displayed includes:

      • RSSI

      • Calling ID and Talkgroup (as appropriate)

      • Calling party location if GPS enabled at calling party radio (F3400D/F5400D series only)

      • Volume setting at time of received call (F3400D/F5400D series only)

      • F3400D/F5400D with RR firmware 2.7G or later records other detailed settings. See instructions for more information.

    • TX data displayed includes:

      • Power (Transceivers Only)

      • Talkgroup or Individual Call

    Convert GPS Log Files to KML File Readable by Google Earth and Others (F3400D/F5400D series, F7000 series and R30 only) 

    • Converts multiple files at one time to see an entire track for the file’s time period.

    • Google Earth’s time slider allows user to zoom in at a particular time (default time base is GMT – configure to show in local time).

    • Shows statistics for tracks – miles/KM – average speed – duration.

    • Shows clear indicators for each file’s starting and ending points.

    • When multiple files are converted together, tracks will show how they merge across files

    • Views power log for full analysis of power state changes and battery health (only for F3400D/F5400D with RR firmware 2.6G or later)

    Voice Annoucments

    • Easy conversion and placement of internally recorded voice announcements
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