RDT LTE provides real time tracking of IP501H and IP501M products.


What's Needed:

  • IP501H/IP501M with LTE-CONNET service
  • VE-PG4 or fixed IP501M 
  • Google Earth Pro installed into your computer
  • Purchase RDT LTE to install into your computer


RDT LTE is designed to run on a Windows PC running Windows 7 or Windows 10. For proper viewing of .kml files, Google Earth Pro  (or other KML viewer) must also be installed on your computer. It is assumed that the user also has knowledge of how to generally operate Google Earth Pro (or viewer of their choice).


Site licenses available. Contact RDTSales@IcomAmerica.com for more information.


  • RDT LTE provides real time tracking for IP501H and IP501M radios.

    RDT LTE is for:

    • Determining the location of IP501H and IP501M users

    • Looking at historical tracks of where the users have been

    • Determining speed

    • Unit status (from their status list)

    • Emergency status

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